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About Alqamees®

"In simple and quick 3 steps you can design your one-of-a-kind thobe/jubba and have it delivered to you!"

"We believe all men deserve affordable thobe/jubba!"

ALQAMEES® concept was established on the foundation of individuality and exclusivity. The two young brothers' ­ Salman & Nouman - realized the essentials of every man to have the qamees (thobe - jubba - kandura) that is unique in its style and truly custom made to perfectly fit the body. alqamees® was brought to existence in early 2013 by a professional conscious team to combine the exclusivity of designs and individual custom measurements along with the advantages of modern e-commerce.

Here at alqamees® our first priority is to satisfy our customers. This begins with the user friendly interactive layout of our 3D-Designer interface, which allows you to design your qamees online according to your desires and have them sewn according to your specific measurements. This is important because in his infinite power, Allah (S.W.T) has given every man a body that is unique and distinct from anyone else in the world. The height, body mass, physique and his personal body structure is what gives the man his true physical form.

It is more than likely that off the rack garment purchased from a shop or online website will not fit your body or cater to your taste. Each distinctively unique body needs a garment that is especially designed and crafted to perfectly fit the body. Every alqamees® garment is made according to your specific body measurements -from cuff size to shoulder length- all is custom made.

We at alqames® strive to provide you with an affordable and quality custom made qamees (thobe - jubba - kandura). In quick and simple 4 steps, you can design your one-of-a-kind qamees and have it delivered to your door!

Our team of professional tailors are based in Ajman, UAE. With over 20 years of experience, our tailors have impeccable craftsmanship, and are committed to creating handmade superior quality qamees for you. Our client support team and technical staff reside in Toronto, Canada; and are eager to assist you at any stage of the shopping process.

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