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An easy trap to fall into when shopping online

Posted on February 24th, 2019

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Yet on the Internet, some people take this type of compliment way too far. Getting someone else’s work onto a site is as easy as pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

We’ve been in the custom clothing industry for six years and we’ve seen our fair share of duplicates. Sold at half the price or sometimes less than that. This is obviously possible and more profitable when you use low-quality fabric, low-grade fusing material, poor craftsmanship and sell standard size only.

Within the last few weeks many of our customers may have received emails from an alternate brand feigning to act as a subsidiary of aqamees Inc. and selling identical products. Said company has been using exact images of alqamees photographed thobes and accessories on their own website and offer lower-cost and low-quality products that are not in any way up to alqamees product quality standards.

Customers who have mistakenly placed orders with said clone websites had been gravely disappointed with the quality of their product and have contacted alqamees to report their issues.

We would like to take this opportunity to declare that alqamees Inc. is not in affiliation in any way with any other brand of custom tailored thobes, and does not ever create products for imposter companies to sell.  Designs from our website exclusively belong to alqamees Inc. and alqamees Inc. has never been associated with other thobe companies and work independently.

alqamees is the only custom thobe business in the world with two dedicated production. Over the years we’ve worked hard to perfect our measurement algorithm and improve our overall quality. Other custom tailoring thobe brand achieve custom tailoring by outsourcing production to shops. This generally results in an inexperienced tailor making your thobe with sub-par leftover fabric that hardly matches the original design.

Alqamees on the other hand has immersive multi-channel experience that enables customers to order their custom garments with ease online or in-person at one of our 5 showrooms . We are proudly headquartered in Dubai, with offices in Offices in UK, South Africa, Tanzania and Canada.

The employees at alqamees inc. include a strong team of passionate, committed, creative and talented designers and tailors to produce timeless pieces for each respective client.

Muslim Lifestyle Show Apr 30th & May1st

Posted on April 24th, 2016



After much await, much anticipation and patience, alqamees is Finally coming to London!  It took long, but we made sure we are ready to make every moment of it worthwhile. Visit alqamees Travelling Tailors at the Muslim Lifestyle Show @ Olympia London Exhibition Center (#G26) Located at Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX, United Kingdom on April 30th and May 1st


olypia london


Come Visit our Booth #G26 and get :

·         Get Measured Professionally

·         See and Feel alqamees Fabrics. New, Latest and Some of the Best.

·         Talk to our associate who will give you deep insight into the Art of Qamees and having a custom tailor qamees

·         Design, Customize, and Order your Qamees

·         Early bird Offers for Ramadhan and EID Orders

·         Exclusively Special Showcased Items only for attendees.

·         Connect with our Associates, who make it all happen

·         Be the First to SEE Our New Ramadhan 2016 Range of Fabrics, Collections and Accessories.


If you have any further inquires, please connect with us via Live Chat, email (help@alqamees.com) or Social Media.


alqamees Team

Placket Magic

Posted on June 30th, 2014

Placket Magic


Every little bit counts, and when we’re talking about the placket, it’s an important ‘little bit’ and often goes un-customized. And what a shame! An apt placket can make a good outfit great, and can cause an ensemble to own a room. However an out-of-place placket is often donned by an out-of-place individual. Here’s a bit of advice to avoid a faux pas.

Let’s start simple, with the “Simple” placket. Perfect for casual wear and lounging, with comfort and straightforwardness. Let’s move forward and add in the “Zipper” placket. Ease with a casual look for the everyday. Often a casual look can lead a double-life and work both in off-the-cuff settings and business environments. Here, you have the “Standard” and “Narrow” plackets, which work on your ‘everyday qamees’ and are reliable whenever you need get a little more professional, being quite versatile. Want all that with more formalness? The ‘hidden’ plackets (“Standard Hidden” and “Narrow Hidden”) offer a put-together look for an important occasion, but still let you enjoy the versatility of a casual or business environment.

Your placket should always be maintained, with loose threads removed when sighted. Since you interact with them the most, with all the buttoning and unbuttoning, plackets should be skillfully put together by a quality manufacturer. A contrast lining for the placket will aid not only in attractive design, but also with sturdiness.

Collared In

Posted on June 29th, 2014


Collared in


Let’s take this from the top. When ordering one of alqamees’ bespoke tailored thobes, you’re going to want to make decisions that guarantee looking great. It will be imperative, then, to have your outfit work for you and utilize your features in a way that enhances your look.

So, as if it needed an intro, let’s talk collars. When this is mentioned, two important matters arise. First of all, which collar is appropriate for me? Secondly, what’s the deal with contrast collars? Both are legitimate and both will be addressed, so continue.

When comparing collars, search for one that balances your facial features. Oval faces luck out, with any style looking great, but may we suggest a business collar for perfect balance? Square faces will do well with longer collars, which aid in elongating the face and softening the jawline. Rectangular faces, on the other hand, achieve balance with business collars equipped with points that are slightly apart, which help broaden the face. A full spread collar with points that are spread will be right at home on an oblong face, shortening it and drawing the eyes outward. Heart-shaped faces necessitate similar conditions, with the width of the jawline and chin being a good rule of thumb, and a full spread collar doing all the work to help you look great. For a round face, the look of added length is an asset achieved with long point collars. Look slimmer and balance out the roundness with collar points that are close together.

No matter what shape your face, there is an equation to guarantee balance and style, and it can be realised with ease.

Now onto the contrast collar. Although originally a formal decision, the contrast collar’s re-emergence is one of casual attire. It can be worn in several ways, from completely casual to bordering on the formal. Look sharp with a blazer. Tieless, the collar will make the shirt colour pop, especially if it’s a darker hue. Too formal? Try it with a cardigan, to look well-dressed and comfortable. Or lose the cardigan and just wear it with denim jeans, exuding simplicity with a spice. Replace the jeans with khakis to fit in anywhere.

Blog Avenue

Posted on June 29th, 2014


With immense choice comes great responsibility. When the management of every possibility is literally at your fingertips, vast choices can become confusing. A professional event requires what kind of collar style again? What’s more comfortable for the home, button-less sleeves or a French style? And the all-important question, when can I wear a hood?

With all the variety and freedom of choice alqamees offers, we’re also here to help and eager to please. We understand that, when you can literally pick the thread that holds in your buttons, you might also be looking for suggestions on what combinations look best.

Welcome to the blog, a resource that will be updated periodically to help assure that you select the perfect qamees for any and every occasion. We’ll ensure you get exactly what you know you want, and find a few things you didn’t know you wanted. Check back with us now and then for more tips on selecting the perfect qamees for you!

The Scope of Bespoke

Posted on June 27th, 2014

The scope of bespoke

be·spoke (adjective):

Made to fit a particular person (esp. clothes)

The thobe/jubbah you’re wearing right now doesn’t fit you.

You can protest if you wish, dismiss what you know to be a self-evident truth as the mindless ramblings of some random person with a column. But unless your frame falls into the small percentage of the “average” everyman upon which standard off-the-rack thobe are cut, overwhelming odds say you’re puffed up. Surely you’ve heard, seen or been a part of the re-emergence of bespoke clothing popping up lately. With this luxurious trend making a solid comeback, one may wonder the motivations that come with its return. On inspection, it becomes clear the supporters of this thriving movement may—just—be onto something.


Are you a large -medium, but a small-large? Since we’re talking about clothes and not coffee cups, let’s be a bit more selective. Standard sizes are just that: standard.They do not fit perfectly because that is not what they are made for. Just like a standard greeting in a card, it’s never going to be exactly what you want. That’s why more and more opt for custom-fitting and tailoring, because clothes simply look better when they’re made for you, and are uniquely yours.


Being well-dressed means that every variable is accounted for, and bespoke tailoring puts you in charge. No more loving an outfit but hating its buttons, because when you are the designer, the impeccable outfit awaits. Your favourite type of collar, your perfect placket, on and on from every angle until you’re satisfied. 0% wishing, 100% attaining.

Affordability and Ease

You know why custom-tailoring is portrayed in media as an expensive proposition? Because it so often is. However, the prospect of receiving a luxury at a fraction of the cost is tantalizing, and that is exactly what you get with alqamees. Give yourself a quick measure, design it from your computer and, with a few clicks, your customized outfit is on its way. Did someone say ‘affordable with free-shipping’?

Islamic Bespoke Tailoring

Here’s where we come in. With alqamees being the first and only service to offer online Islamic bespoke tailoring, we guarantee the above and so much more. Quality, economical pricing and endless choice awaits.


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