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Return Policy

"We all know mistakes sometimes happen and can easily be solved if proper action is taken, therefore we are here to help you solve your problem."

Each garment at alqamees is specially made based on your specifications and measurements and hence cannot be used for any other purpose. While we understand that Custom Qamees Shopping Online is a bit risky, we try our best to minimize it and ensure your safety and protection while also ensuring that our promise is not misused and taken advantage of.

ETo be considered eligible for return, a return claim must be submitted within 7 days of an order’s receiving. A Return claim should be sent to care@alqamees.com with order number and details.

Return Policy of Custom Qamees – Exclusives – Overtops

If you are not satisfied with alqamees custom made products due to reasons like fit, quality, fabric issue, etc, please contact us at care@alqamees.com. We will evaluate the issue on a case per case basis. The general principles are.

  1. If we were not able to follow the measurements you entered, with consideration of our cutting commitment and allowances published on our website, we will ensure alterations or remake your order. If a remake is required, the faulted garment is to be returned to alqamees, the shipping method and address will be communicated and the costs of shipping compensated.
  2. IA Full Refund is only entertained if the mistake is made by the alqamees Team and no alteration or remake is accepted.
  3. If you placed an order on Standard Sizes than no fitting issues can be justified for an alteration, remake or refund.
  4. If the garment was made to the measurements provided in the order but is ill fitting, than an alteration, remake or refund is not your right, but we will be happy to assist you in solving the problem in the most cost-effective and satisfying manner. Yes, we are here to Care for you! Simply contact the Care Team at care@alqamees.com
  5. If the package has been damaged during shipment, we will request for a photograph of it. We will replace the order as long as it has not been tampered (washed, cleaned, etc.) and reported within 7 days of receiving the item.

Alqamees reserves the right to deny remake-refund requests in circumstances where alterations can be completed locally. Items cannot be remade based on customization changes. Individuals are responsible for return shipping costs of remade items.

Due to limited fabric supply, some items may be unavailable to be remade and you may be asked for an alternative fabric for your remake order.

Return Policy of Accessory Items

If any of the Accessories items purchased from alqamees.com is received in damaged condition or is defected, it will be entitled to a return for exchange or refund. The return cost will be compensated for by alqamees.

Accessory items received in the wrong size can either be exchanged for the correct size and if the size is not available it can be returned for a full refund. The return cost will be compensated for by alqamees.

Should you choose to return any of the Accessory Item(s) for reason other than the aforementioned than you must pay the return shipping costs.

Accessory Items must be returned within 7 days of receiving the order, after which the right to return is no longer available.

All alqamees items come with an alqamees seal and a Security label/tag. All returned items must have the seal fixed and Security label-tag intact. Items that do have the security label-tag will not be eligible for return. The Seal and Security label-tag ensures that the product is not used.

alqamees will only accept returned items that are in good and unworn condition. Alqamees has the right to deny the issuance of a refund to an item that is believed to be previously worn or damaged. alqamees will not accept items that have been altered or adjusted in any way.

Any items returned to alqamees that do not meet the aforementioned requirements will be sent back to the client without refund.

If your items were purchased with a Coupon or Gift Certificate, the Coupon/Gift Certificate will be refunded/reimbursed before another payment source.

You must return all items purchased as part of a promotion to receive a full refund. Kept items will be charged at full market value.

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