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Fabric Guide

"We all may have heard of Cotton but there is a lot more added to the fabric shelf in the recent times"

Choosing the correct fabric can be a difficult choice when you are not sure the difference between them. With hundreds of different varieties and types of fabrics it can be difficult understanding what the difference is between how they feel, where they come from, and which fabric is the best choice for you. This fabric guide was created to help you learn about the different types of fabrics so you can better understand what makes them different and how you can choose what fabric fits your needs.

All our fabrics are, be cotton, wool, or polyester, are of the highest quality. So no matter which fabric you choose from it is guaranteed to be comfortable, modern, and professional. Below is the fabric guide that can help you understand the difference between some of our more popular fabrics.



Cotton is the most used fabric in the world. Typically used for garments to keep warm and insulate the body. T-shirts, sweaters, and dress shirts are typically made of cotton because of how versatile it is with designing different clothing items. It is a popular fabric around the world because it is affordable but still can be created into quality T-shirts, and sweaters.



Polyester is typically tighter knit when manufactured but keeps a soft and light touch to it. Since it is so soft it is commonly used in business shirts, overcoats and lining inside of jackets. Polyester is a stretchable fabric so it is great for clothing that is tight and body forming. Enjoy a polyester overcoat that keeps you warm and has sophistication.



In recent years rayon has become more widely used and a popular inexpensive alternative to the luxury fabric of cashmere. With its smooth and silky feel to it; it is widely used in scarfs and beanies. It is a versatile fabric, which means it is altered in different ways to be utilized in different types of items. Not the greatest choice when it comes to insulating yourself or staying warm but a great choice for a cool summer evening to keep you covered.



Unlike rayon, viscose is commonly used in items such as over coats, sweaters, jackets, and other outer wear that is used to insulate your body to keep warm. Viscose is a fabric that is great to keep a professional style yet durable and warm for colder months.



Wool is the oldest and one of the most sought after fabrics in the world. Mainly because of the by-product fabrics it produces such as cashmere, mohair, and qiviut. If you are looking to make a statement with your clothes; a wool by-product is a great way to do it. It typically has a soft and wrinkle free look to it so it is great for a professional setting. Wool is commonly found in higher end overcoats, sweaters, and scarfs.

This Fabric Guide only mentions the top fabrics found in most items. There are hundreds of fabrics to choose from but most likely the products you purchase will be made of the above fabrics. Each fabric has its own uniqueness and attributes which makes them different from the others. The main difference typically includes the breathability and feel of the fabric in addition to the value and desirability of each. Depending on the look you are going from any of these fabrics work great with our products. Our overcoats are created with quality first, so whether you choose wool or cotton, our products always result in comfort and style.

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