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Perfect fit & Quality. Highly recommended. Jazakallah.

Zaheer Motara from United Kingdom

I am very pleased with my Bisht and thobe that I ordered. A truly wonderful job Al Qamees.

Fareed Ali from Florida, USA

Asalamualaykum bro.
The thobe arrived today. Alhamdulillah it is Perfect! It's a perfect fit tooand the guys in production got it exactly as requested. The customization really makes it stand out and the standard of quality is much much betterthan expected.
My trust in Alqamees is back on track bro thanks to yourself and the brotherfrom New York as well as the brother from production in Dubai. If you canpass on my thanks to them please bro.
Just your Dua's left brother for my nikah to go as planned in'sha'Allah.
Jazak'Allah khairun for everything brothers. :)

Waj R from Bradford, UK

Jazakallah khair for your service. Really appreciate. And got it a day before Eid and thats so amazing. The qamees was perfect. I ordered royal simplicity. I got 3 complimates on first day wearing it (eid day) One of the complimenters asked "hey is that tailored made?"
I refered them to alqamees.
Thank you and i will order some more.

M Miah from London, UK

I have received my remade khamees and I want to say I am very happy and relieved you have delivered to your promise.
I want to express my gratitude in your amazing customer service and I can hand on heart say that I have never experienced suck customer service. I am grateful that you were able to put things right and make up my order to my correct one. If there is anyway I could give a testimonial. May Allah put barakah in this venture of yours and I will continue to support Al qamees as I have learned on mistakes to avoid
I just wanted to let you know that I am happy that you have delivered in time for my nikkah

Fahad M from Enfield, UK

This is my confirmation that i have received the order.
JazakAllahuKhair for more amazing products

Ismail M from Toronto, Canada

I received the jubba
Everything is okay Masha Allah
JazakaAllah Khair

Farhan M from Lisbon, Portugal

I just wanted to let you know that the qamees fit my father in law perfectly. Jazak Allah Khair. You guys are awesome.

M. Ejaz from New Jersey, USA

As Salaam Alaykum Brother Noman
I was the brother who called you on Monday telling you i was coming from London to order from your store, i just wanted to point it out to you that Brother Akbar who served us that evening is Alhamdullilah a credit to the store and your business. he was very welcoming and approachable and immediately made us feel comfortable once we met him, he was very sincere in his dealings with us and so clearly went the extra mile to make sure we were happy with our purchases, he was very patient with our questions, kept the store open later than closing time to finish with us and myself and my brothers were in agreement that he certainly made the experience a very pleasant one.
i have been waiting to visit your store for a long time and Alhamdullilah the experience was better than expected, may Allah SWT bless you in your business and what you do.
I look forward to receiving my Thobes and coming back soon
JazakhAllahu Khayran

Salim A from Enfiled UK

Due to your great service, I will order more in future and you will expect my feedback in your facebook.

Muhammad A from Singapore

Assalaamu 3laykum wa rahmatullaahi wa baaraakatuh,
Alhamdulillaahi rabbil 3lameen, I've received my thobe today and I have never been so pleased with something I have ever bought! It's literally the best gift I have ever bought myself for the sake of Allaah (swt). I love it so much that I'm scared to wear it. I needs to just sit on a mannequin. LOL
I am very picky with thobes, as I've got two I only wear. The sizing is all spot on and fits so well on me! I like how it adds a touch of shape to my body. The material is so shimmery! The collar is stunning and the buttons are a great match!
This truly is a quality clothing and I can see all the hard work in it! I will definitely be recommending Al Qamees to my friends and family. I'll also without a doubt be a returning customer. Please give me discount vouchers. I want to order more custom designs within the next few days. I'm only ever going to shop at your store for thobes in shaa Allaah.
Jazaakumullaahu khayran for making my thobe so quickly and delivering it to me.

Cemal M from UK

Jazakallah'Khayran for the special order, I am very happy with my Kandura : )

ahamd shakil from Manchester Mild lands, United Kingdom

The material, feel and quality of the qamees I have ordered (black chrome) feels premium and as though true effort was put into making the qamees look perfect and when I had an enquiry I received a quick reply.

Suhail Lachporia from ILFORD ESSEX, United Kingdom

5 Star all round service. Thank you

abdulwahhab almauly from Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Salaams, Picked up my Modern Touch this afternoon, very impressed with quality of stitch and materiel. Fitting is perfect. JZK

irfaan abowath from Leicester, United Kingdom

washallah A received my ,amees today and A Ias really satisfied Iith the ,uality of the ,ameesb A Ias really pleased A Iould definitely use ql,amees a.ain and A also recommend other people to use this Ionderful serviceg

Ali Said from London, United Kingdom

Alhamdulilah! I am very pleased with my order. The fit was perfect, the fabric was beautiful, very very content with my order and even got here faster than expected. Insha Allah, I will be ordering from this website from here on out!

Mark Ochoa from Texas, United States

Alhamdulillah, the quality, the fit, the design, everything was excellent!! Highly reccommended for all!! Tine to get myself a few more thobes inshaAllah!

Muhammad Jabbar from Leicester, United Kingdom

Asalaamualaikum, I received my thobes today and wanted to say I am very happy with the service provided and the quality and finish of the thobes. The only place I knew where high quality tailor made thobes are made is in Saudi Arabia, but thanks to Al Qamees I can order my custom made thobe from home ! May Allah give you barakat in your business !!

Aashfaq Kadir from London, United Kingdom

Had issues and they were more than taken care of. JazakAllah for the AMAZING service

Umar Patel from Toronto, Canada

Thank you that's very generous and amazing customer service

Andrea Patel from ON, Canada

Jazak Allah khair brothers for all the hard work. Very much apreciated. May Allah grant you success in the dunya and the akhirah!

Muhammad Jabbar from Leicester U.K. Main Land

I received my thobes today and wanted to say
I am very happy with the service provided and the quality and finish of the thobes

Aashfaq from Greater London, UK

I have received the revised version of my garments. Thank you very much. They fit beautifully and the craftsmanship is superb.
Thank you again. Inshallah we will be in contact again when I have to place another order.

Iqbal Jaffer from Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I received my order today thank you very much, they are very nice.

Jonaid Mirza from London, UK

Thank you for getting back to me. I much appreciate your excellent customer service and integrity in conducting your business.
Thank you for your great customer service.

Emranur Rahman from London, UK

I received the thobes, Jazaka'Allah Khairan , they are perfect. Quality is also nice, finish is nice, masha'Allah, shoulders are PREFECT!! It was nice and loose too. He was very happy with it, Alhamdulilah.
My thanks to you, and your team .. May Allah reward you for all that you do.. Ameen.
Much appreciation,

Shireen P from Cornwall ON, Canada

As'salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh
I just received my order. I must say that I am extremely impressed by the service that you have provided. From my initial order to receiving it took less than a week, that is amazing. The quality of the overcoat is amazing too and it is a perfect fit. I will DEFINITELY be buying from you again. Amazing service. JazakAllahu Khair

Basil from United Kingdom

Had issues and they were more than taken care of. JazakAllah for the AMAZING service!!!

Umar Patel from Toronto

The Idea of custom designing jubbah is very neat; design plus measurements can't get better. I will actively support your company.


MashAllah I received the 4 thobes I ordered, and they fit me well, inshAllah definitely will order more.

Abu Shahadah from Toronto

Just wanted to say that the initiative of custom designed thaub is mashaAllaah very unique and excellent. I tried out the design process, and it's very intuitive and easy. Really good job on the site's functionality. JazaakAllaahu khairan and may Allaah make this a successful business. Ameen.


Thank you so much for all your efforts in making this excellent choice for me by purchasing my first thobe, and first from alqamees. May Allah be with you and bless your business. Thank you kindly

Mohamed Kadri from Windsor

Jazakallah again for the wonderful thobes, May Allah put lots of barakah in your business.

Sadaf Noman from Mississauga

I just received my first custom made thobe, and wow I love this. I have never found any off-the-rack thobes that fits me as perfectly as this. I have to say I'm very pleased with your service. The material and stitching is superb. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for quick reliable service.

Waqar Ahmed from Toronto

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